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Welcome to One Pot Dinners!

We are all about creating Food that tastes Delicious, is Affordable, and Simple to make

In today’s busy times we totally understand the need for some simple recipes that are cost efficient and can be prepared without too much fuss. Especially when it comes to weekday meals. You just want to be able to throw a bunch of ingredients together, heat it up and eat. However traditionally if you think of that kind of food preparation you are not typically filled with thoughts of tasty or healthy food

Well, the good news is that has all changed with the emergence of One Pot Dinners which are super easy to create, taste delicious, and are good for you and your family

The key to some truly great One Pot Dinners really comes down to the ‘Pot’ you are using to cook the meal in. We have a couple of ‘go-tos’ in this space, and our website is categorized based on the Pot you cook in!

  • Cast Iron Pan
  • Baking Tray
  • Instant Pot
  • Air Fryer

Cast Iron Pan One Pot Dinners

 We believe everyone should have a Cast Iron Pan in their kitchen. They are unbelievably sturdy – they will legitimately last you a lifetime if you take care of them. They conduct heat exceptionally well so they’re great for cooking food evenly. Finally, and most importantly, they are Oven safe. So, for One Pot Dinners, perhaps there is a bit of frying on the Stove required then finishing off in the Oven. Well, no problem if you’ve got a Cast Iron!

Sheet Pan One Pot Dinners

Another go to for us is simple some large, deep Sheet Pans. You’ll see a lot of recipes we have which require throwing a bunch of ingredients into a large pan then whacking it in the Oven. Super simple if you’ve got yourself a nice, large sheet pan! Every home has got one of these, if not, you can pick them up for practically nothing at your local supermarket!

Instant Pot One Pot Dinners

The Instant Pot (otherwise known as a Crock Pot, or Slow Cooker) is an amazing device for cooking beautiful meals in. The beauty about an Instant Pot is it’s amazing at slow cooked dishes. So, for beautifully tender, melt in your mouth proteins the Instant Pot is king

Throw a bunch of ingredients into the Pot before you head out for the day and when you return, the meal is ready! Not only that, but your house is also filled with simply wonderful aromas. Cooking couldn’t get any easier or delicious with an Instant Pot!

Air Fryer One Pot Dinners

Finally, in recent times we have seen the emergence of the Air Fryer. These wonderful cooking devices replicate the same cooking method as an Oven by circulating hot air evenly throughout the food. They are unbelievably easy to use! We love Air Fryer recipes so we’ll be showcasing some simple One Pot Dinners you can create using them!

So, thank you for visiting One Pot Dinners. We’re delighted to share these wonderful recipes with you all!